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Virginia Is For Design Lovers!

Hello East Coast! 

Vesta Interiors is back and officially open for business!

After taking a couple of months to unpack, settle in, work on a couple of projects in our new home and file the appropriate paperwork, I am looking forward to getting down to some design projects.

The snow has finally melted. Spring is here, with the plants and trees in bloom, birds tweeting, and bright days filled with sunshine, signalling our chance for a fresh start!

If you are considering tackling a space in your home, I am offering a special Grand-Reopening deal for all design agreements signed through May 4th. You will receive 15% off Vesta Interiors' regular design fees, including for e-design packages.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, redecorating or just want to freshen up a space inside (or outside!) your home, contact me for more information! 


In other news, I have been taking wheel throwing classes at Frederick School of Clay, and am absolutely in love. It's amazing that you can create these beautiful, functional things out of the earth! So expect my instagram feed to be full of pictures of my creations, like this little bowl I made the first week:


My little spring-time bowl!

My little spring-time bowl!